by The Front Doors

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released August 31, 2016

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Bradley Cordaro
Mastered by Matt Lagattuta
Artwork by Dan Curran



all rights reserved


The Front Doors New York, New York

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Track Name: BIG TIME
Lucia, you got me feeling

So I was thinking
we could get down some time,
you and I, big time.
Track Name: Little Baby
Baby, you're leaving. Why you got to go?
Don't you know the feeling of being all alone?

Sweet baby, come take my hand.
I know you got no place to be so, baby, be with me.

I know it's the season, little baby, getting wrapped up late at night.
So be my blanket, wrap me up tight.
Track Name: Bad Reputation
You've got a bad reputation,
and you're proving it, oh, so well
so I can laugh at your temptation,
and send it back to hell.

You've got a strange way of talking.
You choose to say all the wrong words.
You're facts are blatantly forgotten,
you've got nerve.

But, who am I to be so picky, love?
You weren't even the one that I was thinking of
and I know this is the wrong time.

Just know that, when I talk to you,
all I ever really want to do
is to let you know that it's not fine.

And it will never be fine.
It's fucking rude to be so aloof.
Track Name: Nevermind
I'm starting to beat myself up
for feeling feelings I promised I would never.
I'm noticing time much more.
I'm noticing I can't afford to live in New York.

And it makes me want to die.
It's getting harder to just say, "nevermind."

I'm breaking character,
supposed to be the one who gives, not needs the support.
So, friends, hold me close
and promise to forgive me for acting so damn morose.

Like saying that I want to die.
It's getting harder to just say, "nevermind."
Track Name: Frustration/This City
Frustration, can't take anymore.
It's getting harder to ignore, I try so hard.

Maybe it's all these people talking crazy,
I don't know if I can take it. I try so hard.
Maybe I will implode.
I won't need to worry about what it's like getting old.

I'm losing my mind.

I walk the streets of the city.
I met some people, right here, in this city.
Seems like everybody could use a rest,
they're always running.

I try to talk with somebody.
I try to sit down, have a conversation with somebody
Seems like everyone's in a rush
to get away.
Track Name: You Do It To Yourself
How do you talk to yourself?
Do you talk down?
'Cause I've found it doesn't help much.

I think you know what I mean, don't cause a scene.
Just ask yourself why you do it to yourself.

How do you look at yourself?
Do you look down?
'Cause I've found it doesn't help much.

I think you know what I mean, don't be obscene.
Just ask yourself why you do it to yourself.
Track Name: So Close/Falling
We embraced on the edge of a building.
You knew that I'd been waiting so long.
Assuming I'd been making a killing.
My, my, how that beauty was wrong.

But you held me close, so close, so close to death.
Wouldn't have blew it if I knew it'd be my last breath.

It was the last thing I heard, you calling out my name
as I fell towards the earth and you watched in the rain.

Oh, what a shame. It almost came true.
Goddamnit, it's such a shame.
I never got the chance to say it to you.
And now I never do.
Track Name: Hey Janine!
I know what you,
what you want to do.
But, I don't want to be a thing
that you're throwing out in the spring.

Hey, Janine!
Track Name: Lucky
I get off at Union Square to go to work at Webster.
Chess games going,
Krishnas hoping you can peel some cash for their flowers.

But no, don't want to take it for granted.
Sometimes I start to feel I can't stand it,
then I get to walking around.

Yeah, that's when I start to remember
the way the weather gets in September
and I forget what's getting me down.

And I remind myself, I'm pretty fucking lucky.

And the girls down there,
unimpressed and dressed to kill.
Sometimes I really wish that they will.
Track Name: Driving Through My Hair Tonight
Driving through my hair tonight.
You can't leave a crime scene if you ain't seen so crime.
I won't go to sleep scared tonight.
Though, I might wake up laughing at the thought, you think you're right
that there's only one way you should live this life.

You know who.
And you know what they do to people like you.

Laws don't change a person's nature.
We aren't born in uniform,
and did you ever face your basis of right and wrong?
Self awareness ain't no danger.
And the saddest thing is seeing your reflection
and even under close inspection, if the mirror's showing you a stranger,

you know who.
And you know what they do to people like you.
Track Name: Make It Out Alive
If you can make it out alive, don't you think you should try?
Don't let them terrify your mind. You know they will try.

I can't stand to see you like that.
You know it's wrong and you know it's sad.
Baby, you know that it's not right
for you to be crying every night.